Monday, February 16, 2009

What Others Are Saying About Software - 2/16/2009

From a data centric to a domain driven design
Nice post with a decent explanation of a way to get started with Domain Driven Design. Very few people do a good job of explaining how it is different than the prevailing data-centric approach.

Ron Jeffries and Engineering for Adults
Great post with better comments about the big 'A' Agile crowd versus the small 'a' agile thinkers. I smell a future agile post brewing at BOD.

Flowler once again shows why the rational mind usually prevails. The post deals with the same "SCRUM is failing" topic in vogue recently, but offers some real value compared to Jeffries comments. Fowler states:
Many people are looking to Lean as the Next Big Agile Thing. But the more popular lean becomes the more it will run into the same kind of issues as Scrum is facing now. That doesn't make Lean (or Scrum) worthless, it just reminds us Individuals and Interactions are more valuable than Processes and Tools.

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