Monday, June 21, 2010

KCDC Kanban Presentation Slides

My Kansas City Developer’s Conference presentation slides are available for download (“Why Kanban?”).  For those who saw my LSSC10 presentation in April, the slide deck is very similar, with just minor modifications for the intended audience.  This talk is designed as an introduction to Kanban, so advanced topics like classes of service are only touched on briefly.

I failed to mention the local Limited WIP Society chapter ( during my talk.  If you are interested in participating in the continuing discussion with other local Lean and Kanban practitioners, then join the mailing list. We try to meet on a monthly basis for a casual lunch or dinner.

Thanks for the interest in Kanban!


  1. Consider watering your garden with a bucket versus a hose. [1]

    Do you mean the reverse? or am i misunderstanding the rest.

  2. Watering with a bucket is a batch process (waterfall = huge batches, 1st generation agile = small batches). Lean software values pull and flow based approaches (garden hose).